Our Vehicle Options Are Plentiful!

Not only do we stock the most premium vehicles in the Atlantic City area, but we also boast some of the best features in these vehicles as well. To get a good feel about our vehicles, simply read on below to learn more about the amazing features packed into our vehicles. You'll learn all about how the interior looks and how it'll make you feel as you're cruising around in one of our vehicles. You'll also get a good view of the interior and exterior of our best vehicles we offer!

10 Passengers

Our Chrysler 300 limousine features a white exterior that is perfect for driving around Atlantic City even in the coldest of winters. The exciting features make it the perfect vehicle for bachelor parties, birthdays, or more.

Chrysler 300 Limo

The interior is nothing but elegant. It features leather interior, colorful lights, beautifully tinted windows, and more. If you're into riding in luxury then you've chosen the right vehicle! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Limousine Features

Our Chrysler limo isn't the only vehicle that features great amenities. Our vehicles feature Blu Ray/DVD players, flat screen TVs, a high quality sound system that make even the greatest music snob jealous.

12 Passenger

Our 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter limo is a great choice if you want a cozy limousine with standing room. This limo is perfect for all types of events.

Sprinter Bus

When you board this limo you'll find plush leather seats, LED and motion lighting that change colors, DVD player, TV screens, iPod hookup, and CD player.

Limousine Features

This limo has full AC and heat controls to ensure your comfort. There's also a privacy curtain, dark windows, and a great sound system for your enjoyment.

12 Passenger

Another option for up to 12 guests is our beautiful 12 passenger Chrysler 300 limousine. This deluxe limo even has awesome jet doors!

Chrysler 300 Limo

This limousine has a beautiful interior. Plush leather seats, beautiful wood floors, vibrant lights, and a spacious beverage bar are on board.

Limousine Features

In addition to a great party atmosphere, this limousine offers privacy and comfort, with dark tinted windows and a privacy partition.

15 Passenger

Another Mercedes Sprinter, our 15 passenger is a great choice for weddings, birthdays, school dances, and countless other events.

Sprinter Limo

The interior of this limousine offer unique leather seats, beautiful wood floors, and amazing lighting effects throughout.

Limousine Features

You can enjoy your favorite movies and music on this limo with TV and DVD player, CD player and iPod/phone hook ups.

20 Passenger

If you need a bigger limousine, check out our 20 passenger Cadillac Escalade. This spacious limo is the epitome of luxury.

Escalade Limo

Cadillacs are known for being luxurious, and this limo is no exception. With it's awesome jet doors, it's a real head turner.

Limousine Features

Leather seats, wood floors, and colorful lights offer style while the TV, DVD player, CD/iPod player, and bars offer entertainment.

25 Passenger

If you want the elegance of a limo but with room to stand and dance, then check out our party buses.

Party Bus

This party bus has seating for up to 25 passengers. This custom interior features leather seats and wood floors.

Limousine Features

This bus has laser and fiber optic lights, plasma TV, DVD player, and more. There's even a restroom.

28 Passenger

Next up is our 28 passenger Atlantic City party bus, and it's a great choice for any celebration you've got planned!

Party Bus

This bus has leather seating for up to 28 guests, concealed coolers, hardwood floors, iPod connection, and a bathroom.

Limousine Features

You'll also enjoy laser lights and fiber optic lighting, dance poles, plasma TV with DVD player, and a great stereo system.

30 Passenger

If our previous party buses aren't big enough, consider our 30 passenger party bus. This bus is extra spacious and ready for your party.

Party Bus

Limo style leather seats surround the perimeter, colorful LED, laser, and fiber optic lights create a fun atmosphere, and the coolers are ready to be stocked.

Limousine Features

If you're in the mood to dance, there's plenty of room! There's a great sound system for music and movies, and a large plasma TV. You'll have a great time!

40 Passenger

Even bigger is our 40 passenger party bus. This bus is extra spacious and super luxurious with leather seats and hardwood floors.

Party Bus

This big bus has color-changing LED lighting effects, Plasma TV, a DVD player, a booming audio system, CD player, and iPod connection.

Limousine Features

Of course you can drink on the bus, and there's coolers and cup holders on board. We'll stock the ice, you bring your favorite drinks!

40 Passenger

Another option for up to 40 passengers is our trolley bus. It's a unique bus that we know you're sure to love!

Trolley Bus

This bus has a sleek white exterior and an awesome custom interior. It has beautiful two-tone leather seats and wood floors.

Limousine Features

There's a restroom on board and AC and heat controls for comfort and convenience. Our trolley is perfect for concerts, weddings, and more.

50 Passenger

Our biggest party bus is our 50 passenger party bus! This mega bus is just what you need for your biggest celebrations!

Party Bus

You'll enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system, CD player and connection for your iPod or phone, flat screen TV and a DVD player.

Limousine Features

There's also motion lights, LED, laser, and fiber optic lights, concealed coolers, a rest room, and dark windows and privacy curtains.

55 Passenger

The largest bus in our fleet is our 55 passenger coach bus. This is a super comfortable bus that's ideal for long travels with large groups.

Motor Coach

You can't go wrong when you choose this comfortable bus. High back seats allow your guests to relax and enjoy worry free transportation.

Limousine Features

In addition to enough space for up to 55 guests, this bus has luggage space for everyone. It's perfect for long journeys.

3 Passenger

If you need an elegant wedding limousine, our 1964 Rolls Royce is a great choice.

1964 Rolls Royce

Our '64 has elegant tan seating, modern AC and heat, and a pristine white exterior.

Limousine Features

When you rent for weddings, you'll enjoy red carpet service and champagne.

3 Passenger

Next is our 1966 Rolls Royce and it's another beautiful wedding limo.

1966 Rolls Royce

This beautiful white Rolls Royce has a polished burr walnut bar.

Limousine Features

For entertainment, there's also a TV and DVD player on this one.

3 Passenger

A third option for fans of the Rolls Royce is our Phantom!

Rolls Royce Phantom

Our Phantom has dual-monitor rear entertainment for your enjoyment.

Limousine Features

This limo also has a high quality sound system and is perfect for weddings.


If you need airport or around town shuttle, we have sedans that will suit your needs.


If you need need more space, we have van options for 12 to 14 passengers plus luggage.


If you need transportation for 5 to 6 passengers we have luxurious Escalade SUVs available.