Questions about Limousine AC

Do you allow smoking?

Absolutely not. We take the cleanliness of our vehicles seriously and in order to keep the vehicles clean we cannot allow smoking in our vehicles.

Are we allowed to drink?

Absolutely. What better reason is there to use a limo? Our limos have bars with built in coolers and they can ensure that your drinks stay cool for the entire trip!

Are minors allowed?

Of course! Minors are allowed on board but when they are, no alcohol is to be served on our limos or party buses.

How are overages billed?

They are billed by the pre-agreed upon rate and billed in 15 minute increments. This allows you to pay fairly if you only go over by 15 minutes or so.

What happens if we need more than one limo?

All vehicles are subject to availability. However, barring the vehicle is booked for the day, you can rest assured that you can rent as many limousines as you'd like.

I need to go somewhere that it outside of your service area. What do I do?

When you rent from Limousine AC, you can ride as far as you want as long as your pickup and drop off area are in the same location. There are no overages, fuel surcharges, or any other fees or taxes added on to the price we give you.