Limousine AC's Pricing Policy

When you choose our service you're not taking a gamble!

Once we are able to explain it to our clientele, they all find that our pricing policy is quite easy to understand. We operate our pricing on a flexible schedule that ensures our clients the best value at any given time. While yes, we are indeed in business to make a profit... You'll find that we are not in business to make a quick buck at the expense of our clients. Our policy is to always ensure that you're getting the best value on any given day of the year. How does it work? It's quite simple:

Our pricing is set on a scale that fluctuates with the costs we incur during our day to day operations. During peak times, our costs are inherently higher because we have a much higher operating expense. During our projected peak times, you'll find that our hourly rates are at their highest. The differentiation between us and many other limo companies out there comes with this hitch; we are happy to lower our prices during off peak times to ensure that you're getting the best value all while we are maintaining the same profit margin as we do during our busiest times. Other companies out there project the highest cost during peak times, and then stick to that rate throughout the year. We don't think this is fair, so we do our very best to bring you the best value on any given day of the year. If you are flexible on your event's date, and are on a tight budget, be sure to let our booking agents know and they'll advise you on the best days to rent and save money.

Another somewhat logical tidbit about pricing in this industry, the bigger vehicle you rent, and the longer you rent it for, the higher your out the door cost will be. However, another differentiating factor in our policy states that if you ride around New Jersey or stay put in one place, you will pay the same amount of money per hour. We have an mileage guarantee that states you can travel as far as you'd like providing your pickup and drop off location is in our service area. If you hired us to pick you up and drop you off at The Borgata casino/hotel and drove to NYC there would be no extra charge.

As long as we have been in business, we have priced our vehicles so as many people can afford them as possible. The reason we do so is because we want our employees to be able to afford our services as well as anybody else living and working in the greater Atlantic City area. This allows us to provide service to a wide customer base and keeps everybody happy and having a great time!